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What is Piggable Technology?

Piggable Technology refers to using devices known as "pigs" to perform various maintenance operations such as reclaiming paint, and cleaning a pipeline.

The Background

How Does it Work?
This is accomplished by first inserting the pig into a "pig launcher." The launcher is then closed, and pressure moves the pig through the pipeline to the "pig catcher."
How Did it Get Started?
The oil and gas industry initially developed Piggable Technology for pipeline inspection and cleaning. Due to the high raw material cost and increasing color quantities, Piggable Technology has been adopted by both paint manufacturers and end-users.

Who Uses Piggable Paint Systems?

Paint Manufactures
Paint Manufacturers use Piggable Technology for reclaiming material from bulk tankers and filling machines. They are also used to reduce solvent and time when cleaning lines.
End Users
End Users typically use Piggable Technology for reclaiming material to be used at a later date. Some end users do not want the material back and use Piggable Technology to syringe the material out of the header.
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Types of Piggable Systems

Manual System

Manual Piggable Systems are great because they provide low volume containment, no settling, quick color changes, and are capable of being shut down.

Manual Piggable System can also be expanded and reduce energy consumption.
Binks Maple 20 AFP Flushable Pump
Pig Retrieval Spool on return header just before BPR
Color Valves mounted off the Robot arm

Industrial System

Our Industrial Piggable System is designed for changing color at the module. The system utilizes flexible hoses and circulates paint through a color valve mounted on the robot arm or booth wall.
Manual Piggable System can also be expanded and reduce energy consumption.

Utilizing the supply pump, the paint fills the header while pushing the pig through the line to a catch block. The pig is then pushed back to the launch block via compressed air.
5 Gallon Pails
55 Gallon Drums
Custom Size Delivery Units

IPSĀ Auto System

Complete Automation's Auto Piggable Technology allows the user to program for next-to-no manual intervention or make the operation a push-button procedure.

All piggable blocks and hoses are provided with high-quality finishes to ensure a smooth painting process.
Multi-Layered Hose
Automatic Procedure
Superior Quality
Piggable Technology

Mix Room Metrics

Reduction in Fill Volume
Reduction in Paint Waste
Reduction in Solvent Required to Clean the System
Piggable Technology

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