Scope of Project:

Complete Automation was invited down to bid on new manual pig systems to assist Nascote during their color palette expansion.

Magna was looking for ways to expand color palette, reduce solvent usage, reduce paint waste, and decrease color change time.

Complete Automation

The Solution:

After many discussions involving Complete Automation presenting our new Auto Piggable technology, The Nascote team agreed that the newer technology (CA- Auto Pigs) would do everything that the manual piggable systems would do but do it even more efficiently.

Complete Automation preformed system audit to determine solvent usage, hazardous waste generation, and number of color changes per day to produce the solvent waste they were experiencing.

The ROI that was generated from the Complete Automation system audit was something that the Nasocte team couldn’t ignore. Ultimately they determined/agreed auto pig technology was the best solution to their problem.

"Throughout the fabrication and installation of the paint circulation system, C.A. has demonstrated a high level of commitment to quality, efficiency, and communication."

Richard M. - Manga Exteriors
What We Provided


Complete Automation provided the required engineering, fabrication, and installation for a turnkey installation of the following equipment.

• (6) CA – Auto Piggable Systems - Basecoat
• (2) CA – Auto Piggable Systems – Clearcoat
• (1) CA Wand Cleaning Station
• (1) Turnkey Allen Bradley Controls System – PLC & FactoryTalk ME Human Machine Interface

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