Nissan Smyrna

Nissan Smyrna

Scope of Project:

The Complete Automation sales team worked with various presentations, site visits, and formal meetings on-site and at the facility with Nissan Smyrna Paint Engineering and Maintenance teams to discuss C.A. Auto Pig System Technology and the value they would provide to Nissan Smyrna Facility.

Nissan Smyrna costs for new color trials/introductions, new color launches, and special colors for production is very costly and decided that CA auto pig systems would be ideal to help lower these costs.

Complete Automation

The Solution:

Complete Automation provided a final presentation for our CA IPS pig systems to meet project requirements and application that included Pig system drawing schematics, ROI for body line 2, and fascia line 2 to meet Nissan Smyrna trial color/introduction runs and special color runs.

Complete Automation provided proposal pricing for our CA IPS pig systems for body and fascia line 2 and based on CA presentation with ROI.

CA received the PO in February of 2020 and finished installation in August 2020

What We Provided


Complete Automation provided the required engineering, fabrication, and installation for a turnkey installation of the following equipment.

• (1) Bod Line2; CA IPS Pig Systems – Portable Tank Based w/ Piggable Hose, Pig Color Valves and Integration into Robot and Manual Stations

• (1) Fascia Line 2: CA IPS Pig System – Portable Drum / Tank Based w/ Piggable  Hose, Pig Color Valves Mounted on Robot Arm and Integration

• (2) PLC Control Panel – (1) Body Line 2 and (1) Fascia Line 2

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