SRG - Global

SRG - Global

Scope of Project:

SRG Morehead and other Tier #1 accounts color pallets continue to expand as OEM’s expand the number of colors they offer.

To manage this large color pallet, the SRG Morehead team had to change colors on the paint circulation systems multiple times per day.  

Each time the plant changed color on one of their paint circulation systems, it generated excess paint waste, solvent usage, and hazardous waste generation.

This waste stream costs the plant over a million dollars per year.  

In addition to the waste stream, the plant could barely keep up with the labor required to change the paint circulation systems.

Complete Automation

The Solution:

Complete Automation performed an onsite system audit to determine the number of color changes per day, paint waste, solvent usage, and hazardous wastes generation.  

Based on this system audit it was determined that CA Auto Pig Technology would reduce the amount of paint, solvent, and hazardous waste generated per color change and reduce the amount of labor per color change.

CA generated the ROI (Return on Investment) for the SRG team and showed that the project would pay for itself in less than 12 months.  

The project was funded based on the return on investment and CA was issued a purchase order.

What We Provided


Complete Automation provided the required engineering, fabrication, and installation for a turnkey installation of the following equipment.

• (12) BC – CA Auto Pig Systems
• 12mm CA-IPS piggable systems for solvent-borne application
• Each system serviced (4) robots and (2) manual stations.
• (1) Wand cleaning stations

Wand cleaning was a fully manual process before.

With the new want cleaning station, it automated this process which provided a consistent cleaning of the wands and controlled the amount of solvent used per cleaning.

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