TKS Industrial

TKS Industrial

Scope of Project:

In today's, day and age customers require a higher quality and durability of the paint that’s applied to their car bodies. Not only do they require a class A+ finish, they also demand an extended corrosive resistance period.

The New Paint Shop for Mazda Toyota was no exception to this and required a new Phosphate Ecoat Process Line (PTED). The heartbeat of the PTED line is the material delivery skid modules.

Our customer (TKS, Toyota/Mazda) was in need of a company that could handle the PTED material delivery skids in a “Turn-Key” fashion.

Complete Automation

The Solution:

Working with the customer, Complete Automation was able to reduce the overall space of the PTED line by combining multiple material delivery skids together in a modular way. By doing this it shrunk the overall footprint of the PTED paint shop. This took much ingenuity and creativeness with our R&D department. By working tirelessly with the customer and end user we were able to deliver a one of a kind product that fit their needs along with the plants space constraints.

CA was able to reduce capital spending by piping the skids together in our non-union fabrication facility. This allowed for less work onsite which has a “Union labor agreement” with the plant.  The customer spent more upfront on this system but overall saved money on the project by having less work onsite.

What We Provided


Complete Automation provided (60) Phosphate Ecoat Modular Built Skids using a new innovative approach.

The designing of the skids is the most important factor which allowed us to save the customer from having to install an additional 62 skids and 4500’ of pipe in the field. Complete Automation completed all mechanical and electrical portions of these skids.

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